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Nationwide network of preferred tree service professionals

Attention Tree Professionals

Are you a tree service professional that could use more internet exposure and the opportunity to receive live leads for a flat low monthly fee?  

We have decided to revamp the industry.  We are service professionals, and for years have paid various internet advertising fees, pay per click fees and costly per lead fees in an attempt to grow our business.  None of these worked exactly as we were told yet they continually increased the fees.

When we decided to expand our marketing efforts and protect our budget, we knew there must be an alternative available, especially in these tough times. There are many types of directories and lead generation systems available, but they all came with huge price tags!  So our search led us in the opposite direction.

We needed a solution that was affordable, so we redirected our thoughts. Why not design our own lead generation site!  Why not help our fellow service professionals too!  Advertising and internet marketing is a viable tool for survival and is here to stay. But like everything else the cost is increasing off the charts and the competition is tough. We needed an economical solution.

So, this became our approach:

  1. Develop unique sites in each “niche service market” specific to an industry so your company is not totally lost in a massive A – Z directory!
  2. Waive all set up fees!
  3. Eliminate contract requirements!
  4. Throw out “paid consumer membership” requirements, as this instantly shrinks your exposure to a tiny market share!
  5. Establish long term relationships – loyalty is more important!
  6. Set up the system to provide detailed consumer information to no more than 4 contractors servicing their area on a rotating basis.
  7. Charge a ridiculous low monthly fee BUT deliver unlimited leads!

And this is our outcome:

We developed and designed DirectTreeServices.com to accomplish our goal with a new innovative lead generation approach.

  1. Design an online lead generation system for professionals to list their company and establish their covered territory via zip code radius.
  2. Waive set-up fees and contract requirements.
  3. Set the fee at a low monthly subscription rate, but deliver unlimited leads.

Consumers simply locate our SEO optimized site, read about our services, complete the form and click the submit button. Their request is automatically emailed and sent via text to the address on file in real time. We have programmed the system to automatically send the request to up to 4 professional contractors.   .

Get all this exposure for the low monthly membership fee of $ 49.95

This is a once a month subscription with no long term commitments or contracts.  As you can see, it is much less than what you are currently paying other online lead generation companies for your monthly lead quota.

Now, let’s create your company’s growth strategy together! Join today!

We are reaching out to professionals nationwide to grow our data base. Consumers use the internet daily to locate professionals for their service needs, and we now offer an affordable compliment to your business website and advertising exposure. The more places you are listed on the internet, the more opportunity you have to get noticed and grow your business.

DirectTreeServices.com is well positioned to become the premier nationwide referral marketing company servicing the tree removal and tree care industry. We are determined to keep the subscription fees at a ridiculously low monthly rate while supporting our fellow service professionals locally on our site.